Frequently Asked Questions

A: From the firewall to the front of the front seat, from under the front seat to under the front of the rear seat and from door sill to door sill.
A: From the firewall to the front of the front seat and along side the front seat roughly from the seat track to the door sill.
A: Depending on the overall length of the carpet there may be a gap under the front seat that should not be visible once the front seat is in place.
A: When bucket seat are specified as part of the order a flap is included, sometimes attached, sometimes loose to go over the hump, roughly from seat track to seat track between the bucket seats.
A: depending on the material chosen and the shape of the floor some seams may be visible.
A: Most front and rear carpet kits for domestic passenger cars are 2 piece, some of the front and rear kits for imported passenger cars may be 4 or more pieces and all imported sports cars and SUVs are multi piece kits.
A: Both styles we use are fairly durable, however you should be aware that loop carpets can get runs like stocking if a loop is pulled.
A: Prior to 1974 most cars had loop carpet and 75 and up most cars had cut pile, however some earlier car models had cut pile as a more luxurious look and some models after 1974 still had loop as the economy version and cut pile as the step up interior.
A: All of our carpets come with a vinyl heel pad on the driver’s side.
A: All of our carpets come with 20 ounce synthetic padding under the main floor areas.
A: Edges that will be exposed after proper installation are finished with a cloth binding.
A: If a customer is trying to match the interior, or is particular regarding the shade of the carpet then a sample should be sent. We can provide your customer service center with swatches.
A: Quick answer is NO. These are general aftermarket colors. Could they possibly match, YES, but we are not selling them as OE matches.
A: It is not always necessary to remove the seats, but it is always better to do so. This way you can work the carpet into place with the seats hindering your efforts.
A: Yes, holes for seat track bolts, seat belt bolts, shift levers, etc. will have to be cut and you may have to trim at door sills and for consoles.
A: No, the cut out for the console is done during installation.
A: Yes, most carpets come with either a general installation instruction or a more specific diagram of where the pieces go.
No, these are sewn to contour carpets. A piece of flat carpet is cut and sewn, just like a piece of clothing, to fit the shape of the car floor.
A: Because of the differences in the floors from year to year, different body styles and the variety of colors and carpet styles offered most carpets are made to order after the carpet is purchased.
A: In most cases we ship carpets in about 3 days from receipt of order, in some cases it can take a little longer depending what is on the production schedule.