Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if for any reason your replacement carpets or mats don’t fit well and you realize this during the 90-day return period, please contact us by phone or email to determine the best solution for you.

Our craftsmen and craftswomen make our products in our factory in New Jersey, USA using American-made materials.

No. Our product design and shipping logistics ensure that the products you receive will be free of any creases or crumples. 

He sure was. The business did the upholstery for Woodrow Wilson's horse-and-buggy carriage on his way to Princeton.

Kits for most domestic cars come with 2 pieces, while imported passenger and sports cars and SUVs come with 4 or more pieces. All imported sports cars and SUVs are multiple piece kits. All kits also come with 20oz. synthetic padding under the main floor areas, cloth binding on exposed edges, and a vinyl heel pad on the driver's side.

Orders typically ship within 3 days, but can take longer due to the production schedule.

Yes, installation instructions come with each order and alterations are required. Holes must be made for seat belt bolts, track bolts, and shift levers, etc. Cuts must be made for the console, and trimming may be required at door sills. Seats must be removed before install. Exposed edges are finished with cloth binding.

Loop is more durable and common in older vehicles. On the other hand, many view cut pile as a step up interior. It's a more modern finish and is softer and easier to clean.

Yes, color samples are available. But because these are general aftermarket colors, there is no guarantee they will match original equipment colors. Contact us here to request your samples. 

From the firewall to the front of the front seat, from under the front seat to under the front of the rear seat and from door sill to door sill. Please note that there may be a gap under the front seat depending on the length of the carpet, but it should not be visible once the front seat is in place.

From the firewall to the front of the front seat and along side the front seat roughly from the seat track to the door sill.

If bucket seats are specified as part of an order a flap is included, sometimes attached, sometimes loose to go over the hump, roughly from seat track to seat track between the bucket seats.

Depending on the material chosen and the shape of the floor, some seams may be visible.

No. These are sewn-to-contour carpets. A piece of flat carpet is cut and sewn, much like a piece of clothing, to fit the shape of the car floor.

We’ve been drop-shipping for automotive retailers since the 1950’s. Contact us here to inquire about a drop-shipping program for your business. 

We sure can. Send the old carpets from your rare, classic or custom car or truck to us and our craftsmen will do our best to create a new set for you.