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Are your products guaranteed to fit?

Yes. If the product does not meet your fitment expectations, please contact us by phone or email at and we will do our absolute best to provide you with a solution that fits your needs.


Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are made in our New Jersey, USA factory using American-made materials. We do not drop ship any products for sale on Everything is made in our own facility.


Will carpets or mats arrive creased or crumpled?

Our product design and shipping logistics ensure that the products you receive will be free of any creases or crumples. If, for any reason, a wrinkle develops while shipping, please lay your carpet out in the sun for a day or two and it will in the vast majority of cases resolve itself.


How long does it take for products to ship?

Orders ship within 5-10 business days, but in most cases ship much faster than that.


Do you include installation instructions, and are alterations required?

Yes, installation instructions come with each order. 

In most cases, alterations are required. Holes must be made for seat belt bolts, track bolts, shift levers, dimmer switches, etc. Cuts must be made for the console, and trimming may be required at door sills. 

Do not alter your carpet kit until you lay it out in your vehicle and confirm it fits properly. Once alterations are made, the product is no longer returnable. 


What's the difference between each of the materials you offer?

  • Loop is a vintage-style carpet. Overall, loop pile carpets are the perfect blend of value, durability, and performance. The tightly woven, densely packed fibers mean a loop carpet is more hard-wearing than a cut pile carpet and requires less maintenance.
  • 80/20 Loop is a higher-quality raylon material, more durable and firmer, and keeps the vintage-style look in the car. The tightly woven, densely packed fibers mean a loop carpet is more hard-wearing than a cut pile carpet and requires less maintenance.
  • Cut pile is a style of carpet that is sheared, exposing the ends of the carpet fiber. They are the most popular styles of carpets today and tend to be softer underfoot and to touch than loop pile carpets.
  • Essex carpet is thicker and more plush than the standard cut pile and provides an overall better look and feel to your vehicle's interior. 
  • Domestic Plush is a domestic needle punch fabric that looks and feels similar to the OEM Porsche Sliver Knit carpet, but at a much more approachable price-point. 
  • Perlon Felt is a durable and lightweight material that has a distinctive texture resembling a cross between felt and mesh. Its resilience to wear and tear makes it a favored choice for automotive applications, reflecting the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship typical of vintage Porsche design.
  • German Silverknit is found in vintage Porsches and is characterized by its finely woven construction. It’s incredibly soft and luxurious, as you’d expect in the interior of an air-cooled Porsche. This is the OEM fabric found in many air-cooled Porsches. The fabric we use is imported from mills in Germany. 
  • Haargarn, utilized in vintage Porsches, refers to a specific type of cut pile carpeting material known for its durability and plush texture. Its tightly woven construction ensures longevity, maintaining the luxurious feel of the vehicle's interior over time. This carpet was primarily used in 70’s and earlier Porsches
  • German Square Weave, a signature material in vintage Porsches, is a tightly woven textile renowned for its classic appearance and robustness. It offers a timeless aesthetic that complements the design heritage of air-cooled Porsches. Its high-quality construction ensures longevity and authenticity, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail characteristic of vintage Porsche craftsmanship. This carpet was primarily used in 356s, but looks excellent in 911s as well.
  • Flat Knit Headliner is a standard aftermarket headliner fabric with a knit front and a thin foam backing. Its stretchy composition makes it a breeze to install in your Classic.


Are samples available of your materials?

Yes, we provide free samples of materials. We recommend you order samples for a few reasons:

  1. Our materials are aftermarket, not OEM. We do not guarantee they will match original equipment colors. 
  2. We try our best to represent the materials and colors clearly on our website, but all screens present the colors differently. Ordering free samples is a surefire way to make sure you get the color and material you want.

You can order up to three samples for free on this page


What area is covered by Front and Rear Auto Carpet Kit?

These kits generally include two pieces. The first covers from the firewall to the front of the front seat. The second covers from the rear of the front seat to under the front of the rear seat. 


What area is covered by a Front with Side Extensions Auto Carpet Kit?

These kits generally include one piece, and a flap to cover the area in between your bucket seats if you have them. The main piece covers from the firewall to the front of the front seat and alongside the front seat roughly from the seat track to the door sill.


Is the space between the bucket seats covered?

If bucket seats are specified as part of an order a flap is included, sometimes attached, sometimes loose to go over the hump, roughly from seat track to seat track between the bucket seats.


Will seams be visible?

Depending on the material chosen and the shape of the floor, some seams may be visible.


Are these molded carpets?

No. These are sewn-to-contour carpets. A piece of flat carpet is cut and sewn, much like a piece of clothing, to fit the shape of the car floor.


Do you offer drop-shipping?

We’ve been drop-shipping for automotive retailers since the 1950s. Contact us here to inquire about a drop-shipping program for your business. 


What is the body style of my car? 

  • A Sedan is a passenger car with a trunk separate from the passengers and a three-box body: the engine, the area for passengers, and the trunk. Sedans have a B-pillar, which is the pillar between the front and rear side windows. 
  • A Hardtop is a vehicle that has a permanent rigid roof. A hardtop has no B-pillar, the pillar between the front and rear side windows.
  • A Convertible is a passenger car that can be driven with or without a roof in place. Convertibles are also sometimes referred to as Cabriolets.
  • A Targa is similar to a convertible in that it has a panel that can be removed over the passenger seats, but different in that it has a fixed roll behind the front seats that cannot be removed.
  • A Coupe is a closed-roof, 2-door passenger car with a three-box body for the engine and the passenger compartment.
  • A Wagon has a roof extended rearward over a shared passenger/cargo volume with access at the back via a third or fifth door, instead of a trunk/boot lid.
  • A Standard Cab Pickup has only one row of seats with limited storage space and legroom,
  • An Extended Cab Pickup is a Regular Cab with extra room behind the front seating. 
  • A Fastback is a coupe but sometimes a sedan, with a roof sloped gradually in an unbroken line from the windshield to the rear edge of the car.
  • A Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV combines elements of road-going passenger cars with features from off-road vehicles, such as raised ground clearance and four-wheel drive.
  • A Limo is a large luxurious sedan that usually has a glass partition separating the driver's seat from the passenger compartment.


What does RS-Style or Rear Seat Delete mean?

Over the years, Porsche offered certain 911 models as RS cars, which is short for rennsport and means racing in German. These cars didn’t have rear jump seats, and instead had carpeting in that area. Nowadays, many 911 owners opt to ‘delete’ their rear jump seats and upholster their interiors in the same style as these RS cars. Our RS-Style/Rear Seat Delete kits provide the necessary carpet pieces to accomplish this modification to your interior. 


Can you produce individual pieces of a carpet kit? 

Purchases of individual pieces are subject to confirmation from our manufacturing team on a case-by-case basis and are not returnable nor subject to our guarantee. To receive a quote, please send us the specific piece you are looking for, the material/color of choice, and your vehicle information.


Can you produce a carpet kit for me if I provide the material? 

Yes, we can work with the material you provide or we source the material for you, even if we don’t stock it in our warehouse. We will verify with our manufacturing team to determine if the pattern for your vehicle is available and the exact amount of material needed and prepare a customized quote for you. These special orders are not returnable nor subject to our fitment guarantee.


Can I send you the original flooring so you can produce a carpet kit for my car?

We can accommodate these requests on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us here to inquire. 


Can you share the pattern measurements, photos, or details so I can compare them to my carpet? 

In most cases, we cannot provide specific pattern measurements, photos, or detailed information about our products. That being said, we guarantee fitment for every item. If the product does not meet your fitment expectations, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to provide you with a solution that fits your needs.

Return Policy

We only accept returns from the person or company who ordered directly from Newark Auto. If you ordered through one of our Authorized Dealers, please contact them with your request.


To return product(s), please send an email to with the order number and the reason for the return. Newark Auto’s support team will reply within 24 hours to begin processing your request.


All return items must have a RMA code and shipped to: 


Newark Auto

Attn: Returns Department

23 Centerway, Ste 1

East Orange, NJ 07017


Reason for Return:

CUSTOMER DOES NOT WANT – Newark Auto will accept products back as long as they are in new, unaltered condition and it is less than 90 days since your order was shipped. 

  1. Customer agrees to pays return shipping cost
  2. Refund less original shipping charges and 20% restocking fee to be issued to the original payment method only after receipt of returned product


WRONG ITEM SENT – Newark Auto will replace the product with the proper item. Please send photo(s) so Newark Auto’s team can verify the wrong item was indeed sent.

  1. Newark Auto will send a return label to have the wrong item returned
  2. Newark Auto will manufacture and ship the correct item only once the return label has been registered as picked up by the shipping carrier


WARRANTY REPLACEMENT – Newark Auto will replace or issue credit for the product per the guidelines outlined in Newark Auto’s written Warranty. To help expedite the replacement process, please provide photo(s) showing the defect. 

  1. Once Newark Auto determines the product is defective, Newark Auto will either manufacture a replacement product as originally ordered or give credit back in the same method as original payment at Newark Auto’s discretion.




Newark Auto guarantees all of our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the invoice date. Newark Auto will issue a replacement or refund for any defective product(s), except those damaged in shipping or damaged from normal daily wear. No refunds or replacements will be granted after one year from the invoice date.


FABRIC DISCLAIMER: Newark Auto does not warranty for fabric appearing different in person than on or Newark Auto's marketing materials. To guarantee you are satisfied with the fabric you select, you can order free samples here.


Please inspect each product before installation. Products are not returnable or refundable after being altered in any manner.